Do you ever feel like you're not being as productive as you could be? Are you looking for ways to become more productive in less than three months? If so, then establishing a routine could be the perfect way to improve your productivity. In this article, we'll explain how to set up a routine to become more productive in less than three months.

Establishing a Routine

The first step to becoming more productive is to create a routine. It's best to choose a few activities that you would like to do each day and incorporate them into your routine. For example, you might decide to wake up at 7am, do some exercise, go for a walk, read for an hour, and then begin working on your projects. It's important to find the right balance between work and leisure activities so that you don't become too stressed out.

Planning Ahead

The next step is to plan ahead. This means looking at your upcoming tasks and figuring out how you are going to fit them into your routine. It's also important to think about how you can break down large tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. This will make it much easier to focus on each task and stay on track.

Making Adjustments

Once you have established a routine and planned ahead, you may need to make adjustments along the way. This means that you should be willing to change your routine if it isn't working for you. For instance, if you find that you are having trouble getting up early, you might adjust your routine to wake up a bit later. Or if you need to focus more on a specific task, you could allocate more time to it.

Building a Support System

Another important step in becoming more productive is to build a support system. This could involve connecting with like-minded people who are also striving to be more productive. This could be a group of friends or colleagues who you can share your progress with or ask for advice. Having a support system can provide the motivation you need to stay focused and work towards your goals.


In conclusion, developing a routine is one of the best ways to become more productive in less than three months. Establishing a routine, planning ahead, making adjustments, and building a support system are all essential steps in this process. With a little bit of effort and dedication, you can become more productive in no time!