How does MeetGeek work?

Meetgeek is an AI-powered platform designed to enhance your meeting experiences and productivity. Here's a simplified explanation of how it works:

  • Scheduling: Meetgeek integrates with your calendar to allow you to schedule meetings. You can add participants, set the date and time, and specify other meeting details.
  • Feature Enablement: During the scheduling process, you can enable various features such as automatic transcription, meeting minutes, and more. These features are powered by advanced AI technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • Conducting the Meeting: Once the meeting starts, Meetgeek works in the background. It listens to the conversation, transcribes it in real-time (if transcription is enabled), and documents key points, decisions, and actions for the meeting minutes.
  • Post-Meeting Process: After the meeting, you can review and edit the transcripts and meeting minutes. Meetgeek's AI does most of the work, but you can add human input for context or clarification. Once you're satisfied, you can share these with the participants directly from the platform.
  • Analysis and Insights: Meetgeek also provides analytics and insights based on your meetings. This can help you identify trends, understand engagement levels, and find ways to improve your meetings.

In essence, Meetgeek works by automating various aspects of your meetings, allowing you to focus more on the content of the meeting and less on administrative tasks. It's a powerful tool designed to enhance productivity, improve communication, and make meetings more effective.